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Retirement Planning

When you’re working, your income generally increases along with inflation.  But when you’re in retirement, will your income still have that ability?

In 1985, you paid $2.26 for a gallon of milk; today it costs $3.29.  That’s inflation – the upward movement in the price of goods and services purchased by U.S. households.

During your working years, you’re periodically getting cost-of-living increases in your salary to help keep pace with these rising prices.  But in retirement, having a fixed income means that if prices keep rising, your purchasing power keeps diminishing – so that, even though your income hasn’t changed, it buys you less as the years go by.

How prepared are you for retirement?

We at Future Focus Financial have solutions that will help you protect your income and keep it as strong tomorrow as it is today.  We are devoted to your financial security as your needs evolve.

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