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Long Term Care

Long Term Care Planning insures you have a feasible program in place when you are no longer capable of taking care of yourself.  Most of us have always done things our own way.  Forged our own path.  That is great while you’re young, active and healthy.

Your health can change at any time, at any age, resulting in a need for long-term care.  An automobile or sporting accident, a brain tumor, stroke, spinal cord injury and disabling diseases (MS, Parkinson’s Arthritis), unfortunately the list is endless.  Someday you may need a little or significant amount of help.  Through Long Term Care planning you can be sure it is going to be on your own terms.  Maintain your own dignity and independence!

When should one begin thinking about Long Term Care Planning?  Everyone has their own opinion.  There is one sure fact, the earlier you have a plan in place the less it will cost you and your family.

If any of these thoughts strike a chord with you:

      • I want to protect my financial security and my family’s well being.
      • My children shouldn’t have to take care of me.
      • I am not willing to risk my retirement savings.
      • This is my home and that’s where I belong.
      • It is important to me to leave an inheritance for my family

Then you should have a conversation with us about Long Term Care Planning.

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